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Scientific research company “Melt Water” is producing pure and healthy water products

“MELT WATER”, JSC is a Research and Production Company established in July 2011 that specializes in the development and production of new and unique FMCG products. Company’s goal is to research and produce premium products of exceptional quality that would have no equivalents in the market. Research and production company “MELT WATER”, JSC is a part of a leading business holding in the region, which employs over 500 employees and spans over Industrial, logistics, IT and F&B sectors.

Pamiškės str. 7, Švepeliai, LT-95102 Klaipėdos distr.
Ph.: +370 46 267 008.
E-mail: info(at)

JSC "Augma" is a wholesaler of fruit and vegetables

JSC "Augma" specializes in the wholesale of fresh fruits and vegetables for more than 20 years.

Working with local and worldwide farmers, the company has created a complete chain of services, consisting of the collection of fresh growth, ripening, packing and delivery to the shelves of retail companies. The company is considered to be the leading and the expert company regarding the vegetable and fruit market in the Baltic States.

Vydmantai, Kretingos district, LT-97226, Lithuania
Tel.: +370 44 575 000,
Fax:  +370 44 575 001
E-mail: info(at)

Zeelandia, JSC specializes in production of margarine and is interested in finding sales partners outside the European Union

Zeelandia, JSC specializes in production of margarine, confectionary and frying fats as well as distribution of confectionary and bread ingredients. ZEELANDIA, JSC specializes in production of margarine since 2001. The company produces margarine used for baking and confectionary application as well as clean label margarine, palm free margarines, TFA free margarines, E-free margarines. The capacity is up to 15 thousand tons a year, what has been reached after investment made during the last few years. Lithuanian company belongs to international Dutch holding Zeelandia International Holding B.V, which produces and sells raw materials and mixtures used in bread baking and confectionery industry. Most part of products is sold in Baltic States and Central Europe. The company is interested in contacts with industrial bakeries, confectionery factories and national specialized distributors of confectionery raw materials outside European Union

Svajonės str. 11, LT-94101 Klaipėda

Tel.: +370 46 344 843

Fax: +370 46 341 984

E-mail: info(at)