Review of Tauragė Economy


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            Unemployment rate in Tauragė 2018 is 9,6 proc. the ratio is steadily decreasing since 2015. Comparing it with average ratio of Republic of Lithuania, in Tauragė unemployment rate is bigger by 1,1 proc.

            Tauragė has is a relatively small change in average (monthly) earnings compared to the average in the Republic of Lithuania. In Tauragė at 2017 3rd quarter average salary - 700,8 EUR/month and at 2018 3rd quarter - 768,2 EUR/month. That is the lowest average (monthly) earnings in Lithuania in general. It is around 20 proc. lower compared to average earnings in the Republic of Lithuania.

            Tauragė has more than 900 companies, that mainly consists of companies with less than 10 employees. Tauragė Industrial Park (TIP) creates great opportunities in order to attract foreign investments. Well-developed infrastructure and prepared land-plots for investments contributed to Tauragė Industrial Park attracting 15 foreign capital companies with more than 900 new workplaces.

             Foreign direct investments for Tauragės region per capita at 2017 was 711. 2017 number is 20 proc. higher compared to the previous year.

              Resident population in Tauragė region is decreasing year after year. The 2019 had 308 less residents than 2018. In the beginning of 2019 Taurage has 23 138 residents. 

Reference: Department of Statistics (Lithuania).