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JSC “Tendex Global” specialize in trade services and represents Lithuanian wood production companies

JSC “Tendex Global” specializes in trade services and represents wood production and ship accessories production companies. The company is interested in orders and subcontracting agreements for the production of various wood products and some ship accessories (for example, small teak wood souvenirs, gifts, decorations, cups, etc.).

V. Mačernio str. 63-706, LT-90129 Plungė, Lithuania

Ph.: +370 61 036 980

E-mail: admin(at)tendexglobal.com

Website: www.tendexglobal.com

JSC "Stamela" - manufacturer of highest quality wooden windows and doors

Stamela JSC is a manufacturer of highest quality wooden windows and doors. The main goal of the company is to maintain high quality of production by taking all client's requirements into consideration. Company's experience and knowledge is approved by variety of production and designs. Different profiles, high thermal and sound insulation standards corresponding products are produced:

  • European standard wooden windows and doors (68,78, 92 102mm);
  • Scandinavian standard wooden windows and doors (56, 78);
  • Firm and large systems (folding doors, sliding doors, lift and slide doors);
  • Solid wood or panel doors (panel, pine, ash).
  • The company is looking for partners for a long-term cooperation.

Pramonės str. 6A, LT-99116, Šilutė, Lithuania
Ph.: +370 44 176 700
Fax: +370 44 175 532
E-mail: silute(at)stamela.lt
Website: www.stamela.lt

JSC "Klaipėdos Doleta" offers design, production and sale of glued wooden windows and wooden aluminum structures

Doleta, JSC offers design, production and sale of glued wooden windows and doors, aluminum structures for wooden windows. The company is interested in collaboration with construction companies specializing in private house construction and private customers requesting a product of exceptional quality.

Birutės str. 22, LT-91210, Klaipėda, Lithuania
Ph.: +370 61 558 190
E-mail: klaipeda(at)doleta.lt
Website: www.doleta.lt

JSC ‘‘VARA“ - sawn wood manufacturer and exporter

JSC ‘‘VARA“ offers wide range of wood products. The company manufactures construction wood material (spruce, pine), birch lumber (edged and unhedged), wood for pallets.  The company maintains international quality standards - IPPC certificate (ISPM 15) CE certificate, FSC certificate.

Verslininkų str. 22, Vydmantai, LT-99116, Kretinga, Lithuania
Ph.: +370 64 693 534
E-mail: pardavimai(at)vara.lt 
Website: www.vara.lt

JSC "Vadasiga" - elegant classical and contemporary design furniture

JSC "Vadasiga" offers furniture (for hotels, offices, homes), project management, interior design, stone products for finishing and landscaping works, LED street lighting.
Company is looking for partners, designers, architects.

Taikos av. 32A, LT-91235, Klaipėda, Lithuania
Ph.: +370 46 492 079
Fax: +370 46 492 077
E-mail: info(at)vadasiga.lt
Website: www.vadasiga.lt