Klaipeda Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts completed these (inter)national projects:

Finished 2014 march 18 d.

International Western Lithuania Business Achievements Exhibition

Project: "International Western Lithuania Business Achievements Exhibitions". Read more

Finished 2010 december 01 d.

,,Incorporating SMEs in European policy-making process"

Objective: getting the views and feedback of SMEs on the forthcoming policies and legislation. An additional goal is to get enough data to make the evaluations valid, with the final aim of getting accurate estimators for what impact new policies and legislation might have on SMEs.  

Finished 2010 december 01 d.

„Support for cross-border business cooperation development in Kaliningrad region”

Objective: to introduce project experts with the specifics of activities: search for business partners and organization of business events (business meetings, participation in exhibition, etc.).


Finished 2010 december 01 d.


Objective: to support the cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe.


Finished 2010 december 01 d.

„Building Bridge Across Baltics“

Objective: to promote business cooperation between the countries of the Baltic Sea region: Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden.


Finished 2010 december 01 d.

„Involvement of enterprises in the EU policy formation process (DECIDE)“

Objective: introduce the opportunity and encourage Lithuanian SMEs to participate in the EU’s decision-making processes, provide consultations on the impact of specific EU legislation on business, and present the European Commission the estimations of Lithuanian SMEs.


Finished 2010 december 01 d.

„Cross-border business cooperation support in Kaliningrad region (SIBC Kaliningrad)“

Objective: create an infrastructure for support of internationalization of the enterprises of Kaliningrad Oblast and renew their international cooperation skills and capacity. 


Finished 2010 december 01 d.

,,Creation and development of occupational knowledge and competence assessment system“

Objective: create a national system for final qualifying exams of occupational training using the network of Lithuanian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Crafts and the Chamber of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania.    

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Chamber members

Lietuvos verslo kolegija, VšĮ

Higher non-university education.


Klaipėdos jūrų krovinių kompanija (KLASCO), AB

Stevedoring and logistics services.



Nordus, UAB

Internal and external network wiring and installation work. Outdoor lighting network installation, lighting poles, floodlight installation, connection, design and repair. Lightning protection and grounding loop installation works. Up to 1000V voltage cables and wiring insulation resistance measurements. Company is responsible for serving corporate power equipment, perform maintenance to provides to businesses and organizations.