Chamber members

Jungtinė ekspedicija, UAB

Carriage of goods by sea, railway and overland; cargo transhipment in Klaipeda and other ports; customs brokerage; identification of optimal shipping routes, transport logistics; door-to-door delivery; agency of all types of ships; ship freightage.


Klaipėdos valstybinio jūrų uosto direkcija, VĮ

Klaipeda State Seaport operations support, technological and economical port development, coordination of interface of port structures, integration of Klaipeda State Seaport into Lithuanian transport system, etc. 



Hidrostatybos projektai, UAB

Design, engineering systems design, detailed plans, construction permits and obtaining coordination, project monitoring, geodesy, cadastral measurement, construction of drainage projects, non-metallic mineral deposits and valuable mineral exploration and search.