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"Klaipeda European business information center (Klaipeda EIC)"

Project Contract Number: 2003 —FIF20030584/EIC LT804, 2004 —FIF20030814/EIC LT804, 2005 —EIC LT804/01/SI2.402605, 2006 —EIC LT804/01/2006/SI2.434892).
Objective: to inform businesses about the EU, its institutions and legislation, to advise and assist local SMEs to adapt faster and more easily to the process of integrating rapidly changing market conditions into a single market in the European Union.
Project implementation area: Klaipeda (Lithuania). The role of Klaipeda Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts in this project: the main project partner.
Duration: 2003-2006
EU Contribution: more than 160 000 EUR. euro.