News 2016 november 25 d.

Income tax exception became applicable for service companies

Lithuania is to attract IT, business process outsourcing, financial and other services enterprises to free economic zones (FEZs). Due to decision of Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania capital investment of service companies will have to exceed EUR 100 000 and employ at least 20 full time employees to receive incentives. Read more

News 2016 october 21 d.

Plan of business missions 2017

Spain, Switzerland, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Germany, Denmark, Sweden ad etc.



News 2016 october 11 d.


All who are looking for business partners to enter new markets and indeed having the potential to work with foreign companies and Lithuanian business partners, KCCIC invites to send a business co-operation request for a subcontractor, agent, distributor, importer and/or a joint venture partner in Lithuania and abroad.



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Chamber members

Debomi, UAB

Trade of plastic windows, export of plastic and wooden windows to Scandinavian countries and Great Britain. Trade of plumbing equipment.



Production of polyethylene tereftalate. 


Inspectorate Klaipėda, UAB

Commodity inspection services. Independent laboratory services: chemical examination and analysis of petroleum products (crude oil, fuel oil, diesel and reactive fuel, petrol and lubricants), grain, and all types of mineral fertilizers. Laboratory operates in accordance with international and European standards (ISO, EN, ASTM, DIN, IP), Lithuanian standards (LST), Russian standards (GOST, TU). Laboratory is recognized by the Russian Shipping Register.