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What is ATA-Carnet?

  ATA-Carnet is an internationally recognized document that simplifies temporary (up to one year) export of goods. ATA is an acronym of the French and English terms "Admission temporaire/Temporary admission". Having acquired ATA-Carnet, one does not need to pay customs duties or guarantees amounting to the said duties, or other import taxes, to fill in import declarations in the country of import, or transit declarations in the transit countries.

  ATA-Carnet is an international document for temporary import of certain articles (other than means of transport), which replaces custom declaration and certifies that an international guarantee applies to the goods carried, whereas in the event of a breach of the set ATA procedure, the set import dues and taxes applicable to the goods will be paid.

  The bearer of ATA-Carnet is allowed to bring certain goods (other than means of transport) into the customs territory, and he is conditionally relieved of payment of import duties and taxes. Also, no import prohibitions or limitations of economic nature are applied in his respect.

 ATA-Carnets are used for all temporarily imported goods to which the provisions of the Convention apply (including goods that are temporarily exported from the customs territory of the Republic of Lithuania, or transported via the said territory by applying the customs transit procedure, or imported temporarily into a foreign country), with the exception of:

  • goods that are not intended for re-export from the country of temporary import;
  • means of transport;
  • items sent by post;
  • goods that are not intended for re-processing, repairs or use for production operations; tourist information materials; goods imported in the course of cross-border transport, and temporarily imported goods that are partially relieved of import dues and taxes. The Association of Lithuanian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Crafts takes care of printing, storage, issue and filing of ATA-Carnets in accordance with the procedure approved by the Customs Department under the Ministry of Finance; the Association also represents the Republic of Lithuania in matters related to functioning of ATA-Carnet system at the Bureau of the International Chamber of Commerce, and maintains relations with the associations in change of issue of ATA-Carnets or respective guarantees in other countries or customs unions.

How can one obtain ATA-Carnet?

  ATA-Carnets are issued at Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts.

  Attention should be drawn to the simple procedure of obtaining and use of an ATA-Carnet (the procedures can be executed even by the person carrying the cargo), and low fee rates; only one document is submitted to the customs houses (just like a personal passport); there is a possibility to use the international guarantee system with a single ATA-Carnet for one year from the date of issue, and to travel abroad a number of times.

  In order to obtain an ATA-Carnet, an applicant must produce the following documents to the Chamber in the territory of which the enterprise or the natural person is registered (according to the stamp in the passport):

  1. An application of a set form in 3 copies.
  2. A permission of the authorized state institution, if prohibitions or limitations on export of goods from the customs territory of the Republic of Lithuania are imposed.
  3. Sample signatures of the persons in charge of obtaining ATA-Carnets (for legal entities) certified by the head of administration and the accountant, and sealed with the stamp of the enterprise.
  4. A guarantee in the form a document certifying the payment of caution money to the Association in accordance with the caution money payment contract signed at the Chamber and/or an insurance policy.
  5. Upon receipt of the above-listed documents, the Chamber issues a complete ATA-Carnet to the applicant. The applicant must pay a certain amount to the account of the Chamber for the issue of an ATA-Carnet. An ATA-Carnet is valid for a period of one year. A duplicate of an ATA-Carnet may be issued, if the ATA-Carnet issued previously has been destroyed, lost or stolen, and a corresponding certificate is produced to the Chamber. The applicant is not permitted to re-export the goods during the validity period of the ATA-Carnet, nor complete the ATA operation (the Chamber must be supplied with a document attesting o the fact).

  A duplicate of an ATA-Carnet is issued in accordance with the same procedure as the original copy, and the Chamber must be paid a certain amount for its issue. If the Chamber assumes as additional liability by issuing a duplicate, the applicant is obliged to provide an additional guarantee in accordance with Clause 8 of this Procedure.

  If the rights of the executor of the ATA operation in the territory of temporary import are transferred to a legal entity or natural person of the Republic of Lithuania, the Chamber can issue a replacement for the ATA-Carnet.

How to use an ATA-Carnet?

  An ATA-Carnet may be used instead of the national customs declaration during the execution of customs transit, temporary import and temporary export procedures. When an ATA-Carnet is used, the international system of guarantees set in the Istanbul Convention is highly important. When your Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts issues an ATA-Carnet, you pay a certain fee. Part of the fee goes to the insurance company, which the guarantor can reply on in cases of damage, i.e. to the Association. The Association of Lithuanian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Crafts maintains guarantees for all ATA documents issued in the Republic of Lithuania in all countries that have signed the Customs Convention on temporary import of goods on the basis of the ATA-Carnet. All other states that are members to the guarantee system, in their turn, maintain guarantees for the ATA-Carnets issued in their countries; such Carnets grant foreign companies the right to import goods temporarily to Lithuania and export them at a later date. Thus, traffic of goods across borders becomes much simpler.

  The Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Crafts guarantees for you activity abroad. Nevertheless, you are liable for eventual errors related to the commodity located abroad. Foreign customs houses make claims when a commodity is lost or sold without executing customs formalities. In order to avoid troubles, the Chamber requires that an insurance policy or caution money be produced (the latter amounts to 40% of the value of the goods exported) covering the period of intended use of your ATA-Carnet.

Advantages of an ATA-Carnet

  • Exporters who use an ATA-Carnet save their money, because they do not pay customs dues and the VAT.
  • There is no need to fill in the regular declaration in the language of a particular country when crossing the border, and there is no need to produce a guarantee to the customs.
  • Customs houses execute all operations related to the ATA-Carnet free of charge.
  • One can visit more than on country.
  • One can use his ATA-Carnet several times a year.
  • One can return to his country with his goods on time and without any troubles.