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Certificates of Origin of Goods


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  Klaipėda Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts issues and certifies non-preferential, i.e. general-form Certificates of Origin. Certificates of Origin certify the origin of goods and are issued for each shipment of such goods.

  Certificates of Origin are issued to a person, who possesses the goods intended for export, or to his representative against his written application. The application and the general-form Certificate of Origin are printed or handwritten in capital letters. A Certificate may be filled in in Lithuanian, English or any other language. The representative of an enterprise must also produce:

  • the registration certificate of the enterprise;
  • a power of attorney issued to the employee in charge of the delivery of documents and the receipt of Certificates of Origin;
  • the waybill covering the goods intended for export;
  • if goods produced by another company are intended for export, it is required to produce purchase documents;
  • if goods produced abroad are intended for export, a Certificate of Origin or a EUR. 1 certificate issued in that country must be submitted in addition to the above-mentioned documents.

  Producing a Certificate of Origin, which must meet the following requirements, must prove the non-preferential original of the goods:

  • certified with a seal of an authorized institution or organization;
  • a detailed description of the goods;
  • the number of packages, type of goods;
  • the weight of the goods; the number of goods in pieces or volume measures may be shown instead if the weight of the goods is likely to vary during transportation, or the weight of the goods cannot be determined, or other units of measure are normally applied to certain goods;
  • the name of the shipper;
  • a clear indication of the country of origin of the goods.

  The institution or organization that is authorized to issue Certificates of Origin decides what kind of additional information attesting to the origin of goods must be supplied along with the application.

  If a Certificate of Origin has been lost or is missing due to some other reasons, the issuing institution or organization issues a duplicate against the exporter's application.

  In exceptional cases, when a Certificate of Origin was not issued in time due to plausible reasons, it can be issued upon export of the goods.

  From 1st July 2020 Klaipeda Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts also issues certificates of origin in electronic form.