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Review of Klaipėda Economy


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       Klaipėda County is one of the leading Counties of Lithuania according to gross domestic product (GDP) for one resident and average wage. The most significant added value for Klaipėda is created by transport, manufacturing and trade sectors. In 2020 the unemployment rate in Klaipėda reached 9,8 percent (3,6 percent less than in 2019).


       There 12 244 companies operating in Klaipėda City. (2021) Furthermore, foreign capital companies create at most new workplaces. In the region of Klaipėda, foreign companies usually operate in the manufacturing sector. In terms of Klaipėda Free Economic Zone (FEZ), there are more than 100 companies, which have created a considerable number of workplaces, operating there. Most of the small businesses with 0-4 employees are located in Klaipėda municipality.


        Foreign direct investments for Klaipeda county at 2019 was 1 474,8.


         The population of Klaipėda County has been growing in recent years but at a very slow pace. At the beginning of the year, there were 321 795 inhabitants in Klaipeda.


Reference: Department of Statistics (Lithuania).