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Review of Tauragė Economy


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     The unemployment rate in Tauragė 2020 was 13,1 percent the ratio is steadily decreasing since 2018. 


     Tauragė has more than 2 300 companies, that mainly consist of companies with less than 5 employees. Tauragė Industrial Park (TIP) creates great opportunities in order to attract foreign investments.


     2019 compared to the end of 2018, the highest growth of foreign direct investment was recorded in Tauragė county. 2019 According to the data, foreign direct investment in Tauragė county per capita amounted to 838 EUR. Most investments were made from Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany.


              The resident population in Tauragė region is decreasing year after year. 2021 had - 1 555 fewer residents than 2020. In the beginning of 2021 Taurage municipality has 90 108 residents. 


Reference: Department of Statistics (Lithuania).