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Klaipeda Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts completed these (inter)national projects:


"Promoting export initiatives in the target region: creating an international business information system and organizing international business missions".

Objective: the development of local business environments, enterprises, products and services, increasing the volume of exports of local companies by helping to discover new niches in the EU member states and candidate countries. Read more

"Business promotion in the elderships. Elders - business advisers"

Objective: business initiatives in the Klaipeda and Taurage county elderships, using the resources of the elders. The theoretical and practical classes are designed for seniors, facilitating identification of promising business opportunities and preparation of busin Read more

"Development of Export Skills in Klaipėda Region (ARES Klaipėda)"

Objective: development of export skills of local export consultants and exporters of small and medium-sized enterprises in Klaipeda, improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises after Lithuania's accession to the EU. Read more

"Klaipeda European business information center (Klaipeda EIC)"

Objective: to inform businesses about the EU, its institutions and legislation, to advise and assist local SMEs to adapt faster and more easily to the process of integrating rapidly changing market conditions into a single market in the European Union. Read more

"Business without Borders (CROSSBO)"

Objective: The project seeks to help SMEs benefit from the opportunities created by the enlargement of the EU by organizing various events in which companies can engage in strategic partnerships and business partnerships. Read more