Review of Klaipėda Economy


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       Klaipėda County is one of the leading Counties of Lithuania according to gross domestic product (GDP) for one resident and average wage. The most significant added value for Klaipėda is created by transport, manufacturing and trade sectors. In 2017 the unemployment rate in Klaipėda reached 6,8 percent. Such indicator is caused by favorable economic condition and a considerable concentration of companies.

      Comparatively low unemployment rate determines a rapid boost in wages. In 2015 the average gross wage in Klaipėda County reached 717,65 EUR per month, whereas in 2016 – 772,90 thousand EUR per month.

         There are more than 9 000 companies operating in Klaipėda County. More than 130 of those companies are foreign capital, which generate more then 3,9 billion EUR of annual turnover. Furthermore, foreign capital companies create more than 10 000 new workplaces. In the region of Klaipėda, foreign companies usually operate in manufacturing sector. In terms of Klaipėda Free Economic Zone (FEZ), there are more than 100 companies, which have created a considerable number of workplaces, operating there. The common annual turnover of companies operating in Klaipėda FEZ amounts to more than 800 million EUR.


Prepared based on “Verslo zinios”newspaper (18th of January 2018, nb.(10))